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Prescott, AZ

Cristi is a powerful intuitive! I had met her through a course that we were both in even though we live in different states. She had come to Arizona on a holiday, so we made plans to get together. Oddly, or is it, at that time I had a huge, huge trigger from an event that happened 40 years ago. Within 15 minutes Cristi had me cleared and the trigger was completely handled. Immediately following our session, I was back in a functional state. There isn’t enough good that I can say about her gifts and services! If you have anything that you feel like you have unresolved, bottled up or you are having any physical issues, I suggest you work with Cristi!!

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Bozeman, MT

Cristi is indeed a powerful intuitive.  She has helped me release multiple decades-old blocks that were causing me physical and emotional pain and keeping me stuck.  By doing so she has truly helped me step confidently into my power and up-level my happiness. She has even helped me to connect with my own spiritual gifts.  

She creates a safe and inviting space to explore the unfamiliar.  I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to release trapped energy due to a lack of confidence and/or recurring negative emotions.  Thank you Cristi for being so good at what you do! 



Watsonville, CA

I cannot express how happy I have been with the outcome of seeing Cristi. I am seeing results in my life that I never thought were possible! Cristi is a Miracle Worker!! An angel sent from heaven! Not only is she a wonderful life coach & energy healer, she has helped me with my weight! I am down 14 pounds since my first visit a few months ago! I highly recommend for guidance to feeling good again!

The following are just some of the positive things that our clients are saying about us:

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