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Cristi Alonso began her quest for a healthy, peaceful life more than 16 years ago. She already knew more than most people about natural healing through her mother's experience dealing with illness.  Throughout her youth, Cristi was exposed to energy healing, self-awareness,  and positive thinking. She completed the Erhard Seminar Training at the age of 18, which made her comfortable with the idea of transformation, accepting responsibility for her life and she opened up the idea that life can is full of limitless possibilities.  

When Cristi was diagnosed with depression and anxiety in 2000, it was natural for her to deepen research into new avenues of healing and wellness.  So she began the journey to heal herself and along the way became passionate about helping others.  Today, Cristi is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, a Reiki Practitioner, and a Certified  Life Coach.

"I work with my clients to clear the hidden imbalances rooted in their subconscious 

level that keep them feeling stuck, in emotional/physical pain or unhappy.  It's very gratifying when they experience the "Ah Ha" moments that make them feel empowered and in control in their lives.  The more emotional pain we release the happier we become.  We all deserve to be happy!"

Project Mindfull is the next step in this journey to help others heal the Mind, Body and Soul. Cristi works with clients - in person or remotely - to locate and release energy trapped in the body that creates physical and emotional pain. She also gives them the tools to make the Life Shift for their continued success.

Cristi is a San Francisco native who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to her business ventures and busy family life, she is a creative artist who enjoys dancing, socializing and gardening.

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